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Queer Asian Social Club
The Queer Asian Social Club is a collective empowering community through Queer APISWAD (Asian/Pacific Islander/Southwest Asian/Desi) visibility. QASC is a space to celebrate the unique and varied and shared experiences of being queer and Asian; a space to find belonging. Queer Asians, let alone Asians, are rarely represented in the media, and visibility is one of the most powerful forms of seeing folks, and it's at the crux of who we are. At the end of the day, it's so immensely hard to be what you cannot see, and QASC, we want to show folks in our community that we see them and know them.

At QASC, we embark on many projects: from merch where by wearing our pride in our identities and community, we increase the possibilities of other folks seeing us and finding community; to  our webzine DIS-ORIENT by queer Asians for queer Asians that seeks to celebrate our stories, voices, and perspectives; to community events and panels. The QASC is always open, always here for you, but remember leave your shoes at the door!


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